COVID-19 Drawings

Also known as the Bubble Life Series
A series where I explore visual ideas of people living in isolation, dealing with social distancing and trying to get back to some kind of normality during the Corona virus.

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Self published and handmade little booklets containing grotesque little drawings or stories in black and white. Tastefully designed for your viewing pleasure.

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Re-View Drawings

I was invited by artist Yvonne van den Herik to join her in a project to make drawings about exhibitions that I visited in The Netherlands. These re-views were posted on the contemporary art website Tubelight.
Click here to see one of these re-views on there website.


As an example of my work process: I visited the museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam where they temporarily reunited the van Gogh paintings of father and son Roulin. At the same time the museum also had a exhibition of paintings by George Condo. Back in my studio I came up with the idea to mix up both exhibitions. A grotesque George Condo father figure and a embarrassed son reunited on the wall (third picture on the left).


Envelope Project

During a month long exhibition of my work I made a drawing each day on a self-made envelope. I would then mail that envelope every day from my home in Utrecht to the exhibition in Dordrecht where it was delivered the next day and hung on a reserved piece of wall within the exhibition. 
Click here to see the drawings.